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It is always nice to be recognised for our work and commitment.

Permit us a moment to blow our own trumpets !




G3 Magazine


This years best readers poll 2006

Pink Weddings won two awards for

Best Wedding Planner 2006
Best civil partnership website/directory 2006

Pink Weddings would like to thank all the readers of G3 magazine who voted for us


International Association of Webmasters and Designers


Golden Web Awards have awarded our site and our webmonkey their highest award for design and site functionality. Unfortunately the webmonkey will still be paid peanuts!


The Fovis Award


Winner of the Fovis award, Nothing succeeds like success we say. Companies go through a strict requirement process before the fóhvis is awarded.

We consider the web site but also, the business/consumer relationship. Web site must not have advertising, must not be a template site, must not be plagiarized, must not contact vulgar or offensive language, must not be a subdirectory site, must not be difficult to navigate such as large file pages or poorly visible hyperlinks, must not be invasive such as flash without a skip or turn off/on option, must not be a free hosting web site to name a few.

The business entity must have an excellent track record in all respects such as updated privacy policy, resovled issues and addresses all consumer complaints. The burden of proof rests on the business who applies for our award. Consumers and businesses alike visit our site. We put the year on the award in order to indicate when the business received the award. However, it does not mean necessarily an annual award per se.

We do not hand out our award once a year in other words.




Pink Weddings is proud to have been given the MyGayWeb Diamond web award for contributing to the gay community by means of the website and services offered.

Gaylife UK Gold Award


Recognising and Pink Wedding's contribution to Gay life in the UK.

Extreme Gay


Yes it is true - we are gay and see promoting the importance and strength gay and lesbian relations have as an important part of our work.

Web Select


Proud to receive the Web Select Award, Majon for Pink Weddings website.
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