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Goodies - The Alternative Wedding List


Giving is receiving


The Alternative Wedding List is an online wedding list service, where instead of toasters and kettles, couples sign-up to a ready-made list that contains ‘gifts’ to various charities. Your guests pick from the gifts on your list and their money goes to the charity whose gift they have chosen.







How does it work?

The service works the same as any other online wedding list:

• Couples register online and send their guests details of where their list is held.

• Guests logon to the couples list, select a gift from the wide choice available, pay via a link to HSBC’s ‘Secure Payments’ system and receive a receipt for their purchase

• Couples can logon to their list to view purchases and messages from guests, and then receive a final certificate confirming how much their guests have donated to each charity.

Which charities are participating in the service?

The following charities are already part of the service at launch:

Help the Aged
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Save the Children
Sight Savers International.

More charities are expected to join the service as we grow.

What do the gifts look like?

Gifts range in price from £25 upwards. Each gift purchased represents a donation to the charity whose gift a guest has selected.

Example gifts include:

• £27 pays for a gift to Sight Savers International to allow them to pay for a cataract operation for a child in Bangladesh, while £50 would buy a gift to Save the Children to allow them to buy a set of winter clothes for a child in Serbia.

• For £60 guests could cover the costs of a Marie Curie Cancer Care nurse for four hours in the home, or for £100 choose to buy a gift enabling Help the Aged to make an older person’s home safe and secure.

Who do we think the service will appeal to?

There are a variety of great reasons why couples will choose to use the service:

• Couples who have everything in their homes that they could reasonably need – so many couples have lived together for some time, or have recently combined two homes into one.

• Couples who are looking for something different – to stand out from the crowd.

• Couples who want to feel good – what a feeling to use your big day for the benefit of others.

Couples who may have thought there wasn't a list to suit them can now think again!

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