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It's not something that people always consider but, if you think about it, the bar is the one place that people go to time and again! In fact, how your bar and drinks dispense is created can make all the difference to your wedding. We mean this nicely, but the trestle table is somewhat in need of a revamp!!



If you want a fabulously original bar and drinks dispense, just take a peek at what we can do. In short, we can create a custom-made bar just for you, in whatever style you like, whether you are having a traditional wedding or a crazy theme.  
As you can see, we have a cool range of drinks dispensers, including a beautiful, naked male torso that rather cleverly dispenses beer from his penis. Other design features include colours, fabrics and lighting for the bars to match your theme or dress, and if you are feeling really self-indulgent you can even have a beautifully blown up portrait of you and yours on the front or back of the bar.  
We can create a theme for you, or tailor your bar to your specific requirements, making your ceremony both special and unique. So why not treat yourselves, and your guests, to something to remember.  

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