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Goodies - Cardboard Sculptures


Origami evolved


Designed and created by an established designer/artist, these pieces of art will undoubtedly raise many eyebrows at the dining table and make the theme of your day come alive.


From the outrageous to the more formal, from small to large, all themes can be catered for by designing and producing bespoke items as well as reproducing stock items, some of which are illustrated here.  

See the range so far 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5

These sculptures aren’t just limited to the dining tables either, they look just as good on a reception or buffet table, whether you choose to have a central piece or individually crafted menus – or both!  
The photographs featured here illustrate a cross section of designs that have been especially produced for these special days. If you have a theme in mind or ideas that you are unsure whether they will work or not, please feel free to get in contact and see what can be achieved.  
There are no boundaries where creativity is concerned!  

For further information call 07005 964 293 or e mail your request to us.

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