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Religious Ceremonies




At Pink Weddings we aim to offer you choice when it comes to your wedding day and ceremony.

We are working alongside a number of independent vicars, reverends and religious organisations to be able to create the ceremony of your choice

It;s not as hard as you may think to combine the Civil Partnership with a religious blessing, come see how....


The Civil Partnership and a religious ceremony


If you're looking to sign the civil partnership and gain legal rights but also have a religious ceremony, then let Pink Weddings offer suggestions as to how this can be arranged and make your day complete.


Our aims


At Pink Weddings we aim for full Equality not only under the eyes of the law but in church as well.


Who we work with

The Independent free Christian church  
MCC and the Unitarian Churches  

For further information please feel free to contact us for a chat on 07005 964 293 or e mail

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