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Let our experts professionally cater for all your childcare requirements which could make your memorable day just that bit more enjoyable

The Services

Each venue will have been registered by OFSTED or strictly meets the criteria needed for the crèche to operate correctly (i.e. adult to child ratio and space requirements).

All Crèche Leaders and Assistants are Police and Health checked through Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). All personnel have the appropriate qualifications, enabling them to work at the crèche in accordance with the (14) National Standards set down by OFSTED.

All VIP Mobile crèche Service policies are readily available for parents to view in the file held at every crèche we operate or alternately please contact the office for a copy.

Your child


At a vip mobile creche we GUARANTEE all children will have fun and join in a range of activities e.g. making mess, art and craft, chatting and cooking.

All children may have within the session a snack and drink (biscuit, fruit, something they may have made throughout the session)
Please ensure any dietary / special needs are known to the staff in the crèche.

They may use the immediate out side area within the premise grounds to play if available, suitable and safe. Photographs maybe taken of your child whilst in our crèche. No photographs are passed on and are only used within VIP Mobile Crèche Service for promotional / advertising reasons. If you do not wish photos of your child to be taken please write so on the registration form and inform the supervisor at the crèche. The crèche workers will comfort your child for the first 20 minutes - if your child is distressed and does not settle they will come and find you unless informed by yourself to the contrary.


Who can attend a mobile Creche centre


Any child aged between 0-12 years of age.

However if your child is unwell or has the following - Conjunctivitis, head lice, chicken pox - Please do not bring them in to the crèche.

If your child develops symptoms during the session we will inform you immediately as it maybe necessary for the child to leave the crèche for the well-being of the other children and staff.

We are unable to accept children who have not been booked into the provision with out prior notice.

We are unable to accept minded children without a completed registration form from the Parent / Legal Guardian.


All you need to bring to a Creche

  • Pacifiers (eg. Dummy, blanket, etc.)
  • Bottles
  • Favorite Toy
  • Nappies, changing bag and contents.
  • Change of clothes (in a bag with name on all contents.)
  • Potties can only be used if toilet area is suitable (in a bag with name on)
  • We do not supply the above or potty train children.
  • Please supply extra nappies or pull ups if accidents are frequent.
  • Sun Hat (in the summer).
  • Pram/buggy (may be needed for your child, if they have a sleep during the session).

Parents or Legal Guardian


All parents are asked to drop children off at the start of the session NOT BEFORE and asked to collect them promptly at end off each session.

Inform the crèche leader if there is something in particular that keeps your child happy.




To find out more call 07005 964 293 or e mail for a quote

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