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Covering the UK, Komodo Fireworks are key partners to the Pink Weddings family group and are here to add that special WOW factor to your special day.

If you want your celebration party to finish with a bang, then why not think about arranging a professionally fired firework display to mark the end of your evening. Komodo Fireworks Ltd are a national company who can make this happen. The cost is usually less than you think, but the stunning excitement usually exceeds all expectations! At the end of a perfect day, an intense fusillade of fireworks with a glittering cascade of colour lighting up the night sky will ensure the memories for your guests and family.


What do you need to consider?

Your Budget
Komodo fireworks offer stunning operator fired shows with our entry level display coming in at £475 with capabilities to fire shows for any budget well up into the hundreds of thousands. You can rest assured, knowing that included in the price is the professional show insurance and all operational costs. For displays at the extremities of the Uk an additional transportation expense could be added on smaller shows.


There will be a close link between your spend and the score on the Wow Factor! Displays with mostly shells & barrages sent up high into the sky cost more per minute to keep "busy" with activity. Displays with a higher content of ground level "pretty" fireworks can last longer and/or cost less per minute, but as a rule, shows are based on a budget of £100 plus per minute. The choice is yours.

Your Duration
Komodo fireworks, fire shows for any duration. But to give the show depth and variation a longer lasting show will require a bigger budget to keep it interesting and flowing.


Type of Display
Here at Komodo we are totally customer focused and not service led, thus ensuring we achieve exactly our customers brief. The kind of display you require is dependant on a few things the main one being the kind of environment we will be firing from, and of course your show content, do you want a low level serine display or a high impact aerial extravaganza or a mix of both. You really are in control of the type of show you want.

Komodo are experts in a plethora of pyro effects, whether it's indoor/stage, Lance or fire drawing, controlled explosions or the latest craze of Khoom Fay Lantern launches, we can handle your requirement no matter how diverse.


Your Location
How much space will I need? As much as possible. Allow for "fallout area" for the spent fireworks in the downwind direction. Will the venue I hold the celebration party at allow for this?

Audience Type
Make sure you consider the audience. i.e. a display with a high noise level would not be suitable if a large number of them are young children.

So now you have an idea of what's needed, why not contact us and find out what the packages are and what best suits your needs for the all important WIVABANG for the evening.


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