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Goodies - Chocolate Fondue


Cascading fountain of chocolate


The Chocolate Fondue is a revolutionary new way to serve chocolate, and it creates a memorable experience for your special day.

Let your imagination run wild

The aroma of the finest Belgium chocolate will fill the air and entice everyone to create their own fantasy fondue.

The original concept of The Chocolate Fondue has been refined. We offer the latest Chocolate fondue on the market with highly polished food grade stainless steel, a much more attractive fondue!

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate

Traditional food items can be dipped into the chocolate with the aid of bamboo sticks. We include exotic fruits, marshmallow, profiteroles, biscotti, mini doughnuts and other sweets.

See the ever changing phases of the Chocolate Fonsue

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

To find out more call 07005 964 293 or e mail for a quote.


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