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We're a new kind of minister offering ceremony to respond to your wishes rather than ceremony which is restricted either by a religious organisation or Registry Office.

Following your CP Signing with a Registrar, your CP Ceremony by an Interfaith Minister gives you flexibility and freedom to have ONLY and exactly what you want. 

We don't do 'one size fits all' scripts, nor do we restrict you with ideas or beliefs.  Just as you're a unique couple so is your very personal ceremony. 

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You can include meaningful ritual, music and readings, and write your own vows, or not - with every aspect of your ceremony YOU get to choose.

Because there's no legal element, your ceremony can be ANYWHERE and ANYHOW - traditionally or alternatively religious; non-religious, spiritual or secular - you choose.

You can have a ceremony at home, in a church or castle, in a hotel or on the beach - indoors, outdoors - the world's your oyster!

We offer you a very personalised service and it's our great privilege to support, inspire and guide you, and to celebrate your joy and love!  If we can help . . .

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