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It has to be about style, dont you think?


We sell an excitingly diverse range of hand made designer jewellery, from fun pieces with a clear seasonal appeal to elegant and sophisticated gem-set items. We supply approximately one third of the stock from our own workshop, and have our own in house designers


who can discuss bespoke ideas directly with our clients. We buy interesting stones, sourced from as far afield as India , and build unique pieces around them. But our retail policy is to offer our customers as broad a range of goods as possible within different categories such as day-wear, evening-wear and ‘celebration pieces' for weddings, civil partnerships, christenings etc.

We have therefore aimed to establish and reflect a range of different designers' approaches and styles. This allows us to display special pieces for the party season from three different continents, and a range of everyday pieces for the working wardrobe from across the country: John Richardson's bold Australian rings make a great impact.    



We have a wide range of off-the-peg engagement and eternity rings, in addition to our bespoke service. Our wedding rings, for example, are partly sourced from the spicy selection at Furrer Jacot, who share our design-led approach and offer a flexible product range which complements us as bespoke jewellers.


Furrer Jacot produce very stylish high quality products with different strengths of design elements. Sometimes finding the compromise between functionality and design can be quite difficult but we hope to be able to find something for everyone!

In addition we also produce our own silver and giftware range; again we offer an in house bespoke service but also have a wide variety of stock pieces. These vary from a cocktail shaker and beakers, large candelabras, pairs of candlesticks and goblets – perfect for that first ceremonial toast!

What we really wish to impress upon you is the variety and free reign we can offer you to ensure that you get exactly what you have always dreamed of . . .


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