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Male Grooming and SkinCare for all men


From skincare, haircare, shaving, bodycare, hair removal to fragrances we can guarantee great grooming products & gifts for men.

All our products are in stock and ready for delivery so why not try the Mensgroom experience and discover the whole new you!


I'm not sure about this grooming thing.
I've been doing without it and my skin appears fine.
Why bother?

Maybe you've been blessed with perfect skin so far or maybe you don't realise what you're missing out on.
And consider the following:

  • Our skin changes as we age. In our younger years, the hormones are in full swing and oil production is at its peak. As we get older, the skin produces less oil and becomes drier. Skin gradually loses its elasticity and wrinkles start appearing. There is nothing to avoid this but you can certainly minimise and slow down this ageing process.

  • Exposure to the sun and other environmental factors can do damage to unprotected skin. In fact, it accounts for over 90% of premature ageing not to mention the risk of skin cancer. Act now to avert problems that can occur later down the track.

Above all, remember that prevention is better than cure. You don't want to have to suffer the irritation and inflammation of
razor bumps, blackheads or blemishes.

Seek to avoid them altogether by maintaining a regular skin care routine.


How is a Man's skin different from a Woman's?
Men typically have thicker and oilier skin than women. This combined with thicker facial hair facilitates beard growth. 

Men with oily skintypes produce more sebum (oil), these men are less prone to wrinkles and fine lines, the down side however is that this excess oil can easily clog the pores and lead to blackheads, spots and blemishes. Daily cleansing is important to remove excess oil, dirt and grime to keep the skin clean and healthy.


MensgRoom are dedicated to giving their customers the smoothest shave possible.

Follow their tips

 and set yourself on the path to the perfect shave, It's something you and your partner probably do everyday as automatically as dressing.

You reach in the cabinet for your razor and gel and shave the way you always have. You see it as a necessary chore. But does it need to be so trying? And does it have to leave your skin feeling like it has been attacked with a machete?

The simple answer is "no". The experts at MensgRoom believe a combination of the correct software (gel, oil or foam), hardware (your razor) and technique will give you a smooth, pain free shave. Remember just follow their tips and experience a close comfortable shave, better than you have ever had before!




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