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Artist - Robert Indiana



O Contemporary, one of the UK's most exciting art galleries, is pleased to provide the perfect gift solution for the couple who already have everything.

With a gift list at O Contemporary , the happy couple's guests can contribute to the purchase of original signed works of art by modern masters and contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Bridget Riley, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Stella Vine and Mario Testino, among many others.

Artist - Gerald Laing


Artist - Takashi Murakami

“We work with established connoisseurs and collectors,” says director Olivia Connelly, ”but also really enjoy helping people to start a collection. The best part of this scheme is the look on people's faces when they realise they can acquire a piece of museum-grade art for a few hundred pounds rather than millions.

People get enormous satisfaction when they fall in love with a work of art that will not only look great in their new home, but which may also prove to be a very good investment for their future together.”


This service is perfect for:

Couples who already have everything in their homes that they could reasonably need – so many couples have already lived together for some time, or are combining both their homes into one and have all the china, glass and tea towels they need.

Couples who don't want to be restricted by traditional department store gift lists.

Couples who want to invest for their future together by acquiring something that is not only beautiful but a good investment too.

Guests who cannot afford to make as large a contribution as they might like on a single gift can participate in buying something that in the future could turn out to be worth so much more

Artist - Takashi Murakami


Artist - Marcos Torres

How it works:

Guests contribute money to a gift fund, which the gallery holds on account. The lucky couple can then choose a work to the value of the fund from the gallery's huge selection of original painting, sculpture, photography and signed limited edition silkscreens, etchings and lithographs.

Our diverse collection offers the highest quality artworks across a range of prices, from £100 to upwards of £20,000.


For further information or to set up a gift list please contact the gallery on

01273 698500

email .

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O Contemporary
80 Trafalgar Street

Artist - Mario Testino


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