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Pearl Plum Ltd is a UK based company that designs and makes beautiful, high quality pearl jewellery to designs with a contemporary twist, for both men and women.

All our pieces are available to purchase on our website. If you are interested in having an item custom made for your special day, we would love to help.

Pearls are the only organic gem in the world, and when worn, the lustre really makes your skin appear to glow. They are also incredibly fashionable right now a must-have for everyone.

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All our products are ethically sourced . We also have a strong commitment to minimising our impact on the environment.

All our pearls, both Saltwater and Freshwater, are hand-selected and are only of the highest quality as per the GIA system of classification, and are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity.


All pieces are finished to excellent standards hand-knotted on silk thread or strung on leather, finished with Sterling silver, white or yellow 14K gold clasps.

We are able to sell at between 70 and 85% of normal retail prices as we buy directly from pearl farms, visiting these at least once a year.

Can't find what you are looking for? We can custom make you the piece of your dreams! We can work with any kind of material leather, rubber, ribbon the only limit is your imagination.

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We are delighted to offer an exclusive discount to Pink Weddings customers, of 10% off any orders over £50.

Simply say hi and quote Pink Weddings to organise your discount.


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