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Our guide to Holy Unions and blessing of a relationship  



History of same gender union/blessings

There is evidence of Same Gender Unions from the 3rd Century this is the some 9 Centuries before the first recorded Heterosexual service of marriage, so not a new thing really but simply recreating a tradition.  

Your choice Holy Union or Service of Blessing


Holy Unions


The definition of a Holy Union is the joining of two people of the same gender, by making a lifetime commitment to love and be with as partners for the rest of their lives

Although Holy Unions are not a marriage they as near as is possible owing to the fact that “Marriage of two people of the same sex is not officially recognised in Law and by the Church generally”.


Service of Blessing

The definition of a Service of Blessing is where two people want to formally commit themselves to each other in front of witnesses, but think it is too early to have a Holy Union

During the service the couple will give verbal declaration of their love for each other and a commitment to stay together as a couple.


So what are the added touches to your Union / Blessing

The couple must prepare their own words of promises to each other and then words they wish to say when exchanging rings

Holy Communion
Holy Communion is provided if the couple desire it and at the discretion of the Minister. This can be for just the couple or the congregation

Order of Service
We can create your Order of Service, with your input and guidance

Please note - we will provide all services the alter furnishings, candles, cd/cassette player and Minister in full robes.


Requirements for the Holy Union Service

The service may be held in a Church, at home or in the open air, in other words anywhere suited to the couple, remembering that permission may be needed for certain venues

At least two witnesses are required although the couple can choose as many as they wish but only tow can sign the register and certificates.

The form of dress is as desired by the couple, i.e. Formal, Casual or theme, however please note that wedding dresses are NOT permitted.


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