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Imagine your perfect honeymoon… now imagine it gift wrapped


What is SendUsPacking?
SendUsPacking allows friends and family to contribute financially to your big holiday events through our website, by post or by telephone. All you have to do is sign up for a SendUsPacking list, add your itinerary and sit back and watch those contributions mount up from your friends and family.


Step 1 – create your list
Simply sign up for one of our SendUsPacking gift lists.

Step 2 – tell your friends
SendUsPacking has a powerful email system built in to it which allows you to contact all of your friends and tell them how to contribute to your holiday. For those people that are not on the web, you can print out details which can then be posted to them. For example if you are using SendUsPacking to design your honeymoon then you can insert the details into your wedding invitation cards.

Step 3 – receive the money
Once your friends have been told about your holiday on SendUsPacking they can then start contributing to it via our secure website, by telephone or by cheque. You can see all of the contributions made and any messages left for you. We'll even email you when a contribution has been made so you can say thank you that little bit quicker!

How do I get my money?
At any time you can request a withdrawal from SendUsPacking using our secure website. Most users tend to withdraw a little to cover the cost of the deposit and then the remainder when the holiday is due to be paid for in full.



Can people without a PC use it?
Absolutely, people can receive your holiday details by post and then call SendUsPacking or send a cheque to make contributions.

A poem to put your mind at ease
The important thing for us, is that you share our special day coming to our wedding, would help us on our way but you've asked us if we'd like some gifts, and to be honest we've got it all
the kitchen's full of useful stuff, and now we're filling up the hall but what we'd really like, and it would be a lot of fun is a week or two relaxing and soaking up some sun, so if you'd really like to help us then we know a place that's cracking, just have a look at our honeymoon list and really Send Us Packing


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