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Variety is the spice of life


Add height to your day with our stilt walkers, a celebrity lookalike to meet and greet, maybe shock your guests with a fire act or have a caricaturist or silhouette cutter walk around your guests, or to add that touch of frost have an ice sculpture to set the scene.

Its all here in our variety is the spice of life page

Go on shock and amaze your guests for your special day


Stilt Walkers

Ever popular stilt walkers are available in a great range of costumes. Add height to your wedding day. Stilt acts can be combined with social mingling, acting or choreography. Available individually, in pairs or groups, there are too many costumes and options to list here.  


Lookalikes can be used to meet-and-greet your guests. Tell us which famous face you’d like to see attend your day.  

Fire Acts

Fire Acts can be presented as individual performances or incorporated into shows featuring several forms of performance artistry, such as troupe work also using stilts, floor show etc  


Peripheral entertainment can range from a caricaturist or silhouette cutter to work around the tables at your event (always very popular- and the guests take home a memento of the your day) to a close-up magician, amazing your guests! Ice sculptures are a beautiful addition to any event.  

Living Statues

Their costumes are superb! Also available as ‘slow motion’ characters or meet-and-greet, statues can be supplied according to the theme required.  

For further information call 07005 964 293 or e mail your request to us.

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