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At Pink Weddings we want to keep you updated in the goings on of the gay and lesbian world, what's hot what's not, the very latest in the news and trends.

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All the gang at Pink Weddings would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year.

Happy Anniversary for everyone who held their Civil Partnership on the 21st December 2005

Gran Canaria

After months of discussions and literally 100 visits to the courts, Gran Canarias Gay Wedding Planners have had the legislation changed to allow for non resident gay couples to come to the Island for their Legally binding Gay Wedding Ceremonies
The ceremonies that will be conducted in Gran Canaria by the Registro Civil in association with Gran Canaria Weddings are also equivalent to Civil Partnerships in the UK

Iowa court rules same-sex couples can marry. Find out more

New Jersey voters want gay marriage. Find out more

Gay and lesbian people in the US state of Washington came a step closer to marriage this week. Find out more

Ireland to get civil partnerships. The Irish Prime Minister pledged to bring in new laws to legalise civil partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Find out more

There were 18,059 civil partnerships formed in the UK between December 2005 and the end of December 2006. Find out more UK
Ruth Kelly ousted in cabinet shift Find out more

The Isle of Man is increasingly trying to improve its international status and changes to Government legislation have recently been brought in with regard to homosexuality.Find out more

Gays stomp the streets of Rome.Tens of thousands of gay rights activists marched through the streets of Rome today to demand legal rights for same-sex couples. Find out more

Boston bigots blocked. Massachusetts lawmakers blocked a proposed constitutional amendment Thursday that would have let voters decide whether to ban same-sex marriage in the only state that allows it.
Find out more

This consultation paper sets out the Government's proposals for a Single Equality Bill for Great Britain. Find out more

Lesbian politician in Japan gets hitched, find out more

The Equality Act is in, a new era is born, read more

New Hampshire approves civil unions. read more

Pope instructs politicians to vote against gay marriage. read more

Thousands rally in Rome for gay rights. read more

Argentinean gays may get marriage rights. read more

Hawaii civil unions die in committee. read more

New Jersey offers civil unions. read more

Mexico gets gay wedding fever. read more

Beijing gays rally for same-sex marriage. read more

Italy's Catholics tell Pope to back off. read more

BBC Radio 4, You and yours programme - It's predicted that the gay wedding industry will be worth £600m by 2010. But can the boom be sustained?. Consumer and social matters with Winifred Robinson and John Waite interviews Gino Meriano Founder of Pink Weddings for an insight in today's new market, Listen now

Blair retreats over opt-out for gay adoption. read more

Kelly in new storm over gay law, read the story

10pm 9th Jan - Gay rights laws challenge fails
New rules outlawing businesses from discriminating against homosexuals have been upheld in the House of Lords.

A challenge led by Lord Morrow of the Democratic Unionist Party failed by a majority of three to one. The Lords voted 199 to 68 against the religious lobby's wrecking amendments

Despite over 1000 religious zealots protesting outside parliament tonight, including Ian Paisley, Stephen Green and George Hargreaves,
their attempt to annul the SOR regulations have FAILED.

Their campaign against the extension of legal pr otection for gays and lesb ian s in the pr ovision of goods and services was characterised by
gross misinformation and, frankly, a litany of lies and distortions.

Gino Meriano, Gay campaigner for equal rights and founder of Pink Weddings said "It was a great debate and a fantastic result, we now truly welcome the new law coming in this April 2007 and a time to see discrimination stop once and for all. Its a major step forward in securing genuine equal rights for gay families and a reality check for Ruth Kelly".

Czech Republic
Gay marriages sweep Czech Republic. read more

2007: year of Australian civil unions? read more

Governor makes New Jersey's gay unions official read more


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