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Our Opinion


Brighton and Hove is the most enchanting, exciting, extraordinary seaside city in Britain. However brazen that may sound, it is no exaggeration.

With its cosmopolitan air, oodles of restaurants, feverish nightlife and abundance of culture, the place defies comparison with anywhere else this side of the English Channel. For centuries it has been regarded as a 'pleasure dome', and that's not about to change. If you love life, go to Brighton




England's loveliest and liveliest city by the sea. Brighton and Hove is fun, cosmopolitan and uniquely eccentric all year round.

Regency architecture, pleasure pier, specialist shops, pavement cafés, lively arts scene and vibrant nightlife everything's in walking distance, so take time to explore and enjoy. And with a backdrop of the Sussex Downs and traditional English countryside, Brighton and Hove is a great base for exploring the region

There's nothing quite like a bracing walk along the prom or a stroll out to sea on the Palace Pier to clear heads and revive appetites! On a wild and wintry day it's an exhilarating experience. If you'd rather ride, take the Volk's Electric Railway, England's oldest, along Madeira Drive to the Marina, admiring the fine Regency terraces as you go.


Featured Venues


It goes without saying that with the electricity that comes from life in Brighton, venues for your ceremony and celebration party can be as traditional as you like to as outrageous as you can make it. The choice is wide, pick from stylish hotels, modern minimalist restaurants, old favourites to even the stunning and playful Brighton Pier.

Alias Hotel Seattle, leave the hustle and bustle of Brighton to board the tranquil Alias Hotel Seattle ‘liner' within the stunning waterfront development of Brighton's Marina. Find out more


Gay Scene


Brighton has a thriving and diverse gay scene, which ranges from leather bars, to country and western line dancing, to techno clubs. Brighton has long been known as the number one gay seaside resort in the south of England.

As well as the usual tourists and visitors Brighton also acts as a magnet for lesbians and gay men from all over the UK and abroad who are attracted by its bohemian atmosphere, easy going attitude and raffish air. This has led to one of the largest populations of lesbians and gay men in the UK.

Much of the Brighton gay scene is concentrated in the Kemptown area of Brighton, the focal point being St James's Street and the Old Steine. It's here you'll find most of the clubs, shops and bars so many in fact that Kemptown has become known as Brighton's Gay Village.

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