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Known for its beech trees, pink music lovers and regattas Buckinghamshire offers a wide range to enjoy. So if your looking for a place to hold your ceremony and celebration then let Buckinghamshire open its doors and welcome you with some great venues and backdrops.




The county got its name from the many beech trees that dot the area, and the place is still known for its fine beech furniture.
The county town is Aylesbury, a market town in the south of the county famous for its white ducks native to the area. In fact, those born in Aylesbury are known as "Aylesbury Ducks."

Punk music lovers note that Aylesbury once hosted a lively underground scene, with local Friars Club playing host to bands like The Jam, Iggy and the Stooges and the Police. With the closing of the Friars Club though, the local scene fell into disarray.

One of the most interesting areas in Buckinghamshire is Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, the headquarters of British Military Intelligence during the Second World War. Bletchley Park shows off its code cracking history with a cool museum that still contains some of the top secret equipment used to crack enemy codes, including Colossus, the world's first computer that broke the ciphers of German High Command.

In the South, the thriving town of Marlow holds an annual regatta, one of the premier events in the British Rowing calendar, attracting competitors worldwide. The town goes wild in mid-June every year for the regatta, which is considered the dress rehearsal for the famous Henley Royal Regatta, draping the town with flags and bunting and illuminating the sky with a fireworks display and a procession of illuminated boats on the river.


Featured Venues


At Pink Weddings we are working closely with a number of venues in introducing the concept of same sex ceremonies, celebration parties and dinners. We will find the right venue that suits your requirement

The Bull Hotel.The Bull dates back to 1688, situated along the old London to Oxford road, at a time when it was one of the principal coaching routes in England.. Show me

National Trust. Browse our new National Trust page and see if there is a suitable venue near you for your ceremony and celebration, more


Gay Scene


Well if there is ever a community that is working on building a gay scene then its Buckinghamshire, we know there is a good gay scene but nothing specific as a gay village. There are many places to visit that are gay or gay friendly throughout Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire in general, take your pick from Pink Punters, Saracens's Head, The Pride, The Shere, Eclipse, Girls on top, QT @ The Irish Social Club, The Clarence Hotel, The Coopers Arms and the Jolly Anchor to name but a few.

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