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At Pink Weddings we aim to offer our couples choice when it comes to their big day, France is the country of art, culture, diplomacy and joy of life, “joie de vivre”. Its long tradition in hospitality and tolerance, is the ground of a culture of freedom and social acceptance for everybody.

All couples can find in France the ideal location to enjoy a memorable stay; whether in Paris, the capital and largest city or the Riviera, with its sunny beaches and friendly population, visitors discover new experiences every day. BOOKING REQUEST




Commitment ceremonies in France

French law does not recognise same sex marriages. It only exists as an official agreement, named “pacs” which gives some legal and economic advantages to all couples (not only to same sex couples). This celebration is only available for nationals and residents: at least, one member of the couple must have the French nationality or residency.

Couples living abroad cannot celebrate a “pacs” and even, local couples planning to live abroad, probably do not have any interest in it either, as their commitment will not be recognised in their new country of residency.

How about holding your Civil Partnership signing in the UK and flying to Paris for your ceremony and celebrations (ah....what a thought).


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Pink Weddings offers you the possibility to celebrate a memorable commitment ceremony in a private location.

Le Castel
Le Castel is a small, gay owned chateau in Normandy that specialises in blessings and receptions. Find out more




Just see why France is amazing and what makes this amazing country the perfect backdrop for your celebration

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Gay Scene


Paris, as most large European cities, has a fantastic gay scene. Le Marais is the best known gay city, with its bars, all night dancing, restaurants, hotels and everything to make your stay an enjoyable one. It is located very close to the main Town Hall and its narrow streets and old, historical buildings, offer a very special charm, which makes it one of the favourite areas to visit.

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We are very proud to be one of the first European wedding consultants company, based in Monte-Carlo, with offices in Paris and in Barcelona. We have many years of experience in the international wedding market and we are happy to celebrate the couple's union, leave as our friends.

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