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Basingstoke Audleys Wood





Imagine arriving at your magnificent Victorian hunting lodge, hidden amongst seven acres of lush woodland candles flicker through stained glass windows, rich with heraldic emblems.


Audleys Wood


The welcoming smell of an open log fire hangs in the evening air. And tomorrow there's the promise of a long walk through the green Hampshire countryside.

As you enjoy the warmth of a sincere and happy welcome, you're immediately aware of being at the heart of a much loved home, designed especially for grand yet intimate entertaining.

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Ceremony and Celebrations


Your wedding day. It should be the best day of your lives. With our help, it will be. Think of our hotel as a blank canvas for your imagination. And our people as the wedding experts who can help you to be most imaginative.

You might want a traditional wedding breakfast with champagne, caviar and a string quartet. On the other hand, you might prefer a themed wedding. Thai Beach . Highland Fling. Hollywood Glamour.

Or you might just want to do things a little differently. A little more simply. Maybe to offer your guests a barbeque, cider cup and medieval strolling players. To seat them on straw bales around rustic tables decorated with armfuls of daffodils. And then end the evening with a good old country barn dance. Whatever your dream wedding, we're here to help turn your dream into reality.

What we won't do is try to sell you a pre-arranged package for a particular price. Gold. Silver. Or bronze. Instead, we'll understand your ideas and inspirations, your preferences and priorities. And then we'll work together to create a truly magical and enchanting day that you'll never, ever forget.


What's on offer


Audleys Wood offers a diverse and romantic choice of spaces in which to celebrate your wedding day. Whether you're thinking big or preferring small, we have a stunning space that will be the blank canvas on which your imaginations soar. Our rooms vary in size to cater for intimate affairs for up to sixteen people to our Garden Pavilion which can entertain two hundred guests for your reception.

Our people are the wedding experts who can help you choose the space that will allow you to create the most magical and memorable day you can imagine. They'll be on hand to advise you when you meet with us to look over our hotel.

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