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Our Opinion


Imagine your ceremony in the internationally renowned city of Liverpool, with its instantly recognisable waterfront, unique accent and magnificent buildings, the city is alive with everything to make this a special occasion.




Based in the heart of Northwest England, Liverpool is also Britain's favourite day trip destination according to the national tourist board.

The waterfront area attracts millions of visitors each year to admire the rejuvenated Albert Dock. The city centre is packed with magnificent buildings and splendid architecture.

The Government is nominating Liverpool's waterfront and commercial centre as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A range of theatres offer first class productions to rival London's West End and many tourists just come to Liverpool for its exciting nightlife.

The city centre has a wide choice of cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. Mathew Street, the home of the Cavern Club, still attracts thousands of Beatles fans from all over the world. The city is alive with musicians, poets, writers, artists, painters, sculptors, designers and architects - further enhancing its image as a European city of culture.


Featured Venues

As you would imagine Liverpool again hosts a fantastic array of venues to hold your ceremony and or celebration party, from the traditional to modern hotels, say it with music in the Philharmonic Hall, or loud and proud in a football stadium, the choice is yours.

Browse our new National Trust page and see if there is a suitable venue near you for your ceremony and celebration, more

Gay Scene


Number One, The Curzon, is perhaps Liverpool's best known "haunt" which many people believe is actually a spaceship which takes off every night after the last person's in, and doesn't land again until everyone's ready to go home. Such is the lack of light inside, it's entirely possible. It was also featured in the UK gay film "Priest" in 1994. Paco's Bar is just a few hundred feet away from The Curzon, with a more "established" clientele. The Lisbon is again right next door, with an apparently "Cistine Chapel" -like ceiling (their words and spelling) which is what they call poetic licence. Still, it's very popular with the punters and has lately featured such enticing spectacles as Barber Quartets.

Masquerade is only another few hundred feet awat and is rapidly becoming one of the more popular venues for both young and old gay men. It's right next to an excellent gig venue "The Lomax" (which isn't gay, but hey...) Garlands is on the next road up and is host to big evenings for serious gay clubbers, although it's far more mixed now than it used to be.

Time Out hasn't had many customers lately, mainly because it was burnt down in an arson attack a few months ago (which was apparently not gay related, so don't fret) but it was a really nice small bar with a good crowd in most nights. G-Bar is the other end of town really with very garish walls and mixed crowds and occasional breakfast-bar tendencies. It's next door at E2 (or "The Escape" as it's properly known) that all the lesbian and gay indie and popkids spend their weekends in Liverpool with "Poptastic" and "Lust" on Friday and Saturday nights respectively.

And finally "Metz" is a mixed café bar in the centre of town, which is quite expensive but has a great atmosphere apart from Friday and Saturday nights when it just becomes a little bit too straight.

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