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As of January, 2007, gay weddings will be legal and possible in the Czech Republic, but at this time is only available for Czech Citizens. Blessing ceremonies are available to any couple.

In romantic Prague, Czech Republic we can turn your wedding dreams into reality. A walk through Prague is an adventure through the time and space of European history. Stroll through Old Town Square, stop for a while on Charles Bridge to watch the sun set beyond Lesser Town. Sip champagne as the Vltava River flows ever so gently by, and the Prague Castle illuminates with all its majesty in the background. Open your heart to the beauty and excitement of Prague . Indulge in her bounty, and leave with memories that will last you a lifetime.

We cater to all types of weddings - medieval, country, boat-party, and traditional. We are capable of accommodating weddings for just the couple, or handling all the necessities to ensure several hundred guests experience the "Bohemian Rhapsody" your wedding day should radiate. In order to guarantee excellence, we work closely with Prague 's most respected caterers to offer a sumptuous selection of food and drink for your once in a lifetime, very special day. We also work closely with many charming restaurants situated in 11th and 12th century buildings offering an unforgettable location for your reception - all for a price you will not believe.





Prague lies amidst the rolling green mountains that surround the country of spa towns, sandstone rocks, idyllic villages and silver fishponds. Adorned with renowned medieval castles and picturesque gothic cathedrals awaiting your ceremony...

Come and experience the grandeur of our capital city, Prague - the heart of Bohemia, voted one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, teeming with culture and a deep sense of history. Imagine yourself wandering through the medieval "city of 100 spires," with its winding cobbled lanes, ancient courtyards, mysterious passages and stunning architecture.

Come to Prague to enjoy the rich history, unique and breathtaking architecture, stunning sights, while absorbing the unparalleled charm this enchanting city has to offer!


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For a legal Civil Wedding in the Czech Republic, you both must be a Czech Citizen. To avoid this requirement, many couples choose to celebrate their blessing commitment ceremony in Prague, which provides the most amount of flexibility and options for the wedding day.

Most venues are gay friendly and open to the idea of hosting blessing ceremonies. We can offer a wide range of locations such as boat ceremonies, medieval castle ceremonies, terraces with beautiful views, both quaint and luxury hotels, and even beautiful garden weddings!




Enjoy a sneak peek at some of the beauty that awaits you in enchanting Prague, all available for hosting your dream wedding day!

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Gay Scene


In Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, you can just about have anything you fancy. There are plenty of gay accommodations, bars, clubs and more throughout the entire city.


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PragueWeddings is a full-service wedding coordination company offering a wide range of venues and locations throughout magical Prague and the Czech Republic .

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