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Escape to a land of sweeping, majestic green hilltops and the idyllic countryside that is Shropshire.




Shropshire lies on the border of England and Wales, a setting of patchwork-like fields, wooded valleys and rolling hills, leading into the Welsh mountains, making it paradise for walkers and country lovers. The county is home to some of the most stunning houses and castles, such as Acton Burnell Castle and Lilleshall Abbey. You might not find the most modern restaurant amongst the hilltops, but you will find superb hotels, with very good rates. The majority of the hotels are privately owned and set in beautiful 17th or 18th century country houses.

But Shropshire's main appeal would have to be its vast open spaces, perfect for romantic walks and contemplating. The north of the county, known as The Meres, is full of wildlife with a small network of canals with routes for walking, cycling, and boating. Most of the more famous and recognized castles and monuments can be found in the west of the county, on the border of Wales. Also, Britain's longest river, the Severn, starts in Wales and carves its way through the Shropshire landscape.


Featured Venues

Shropshire offers a number of venues, which will compliment your ceremony and celebration. Have an idea let us know and see if we can create your dream into a reality.

Browse our new National Trust page and see if there is a suitable venue near you for your ceremony and celebration, more

Gay Scene


It would have to be near-by Birmingham, a city with one of the most vibrant gay scenes around. It has two of the best gay clubs in the country.

The gay village is centered around Hurst Street near the centre of the city (just around the corner from Birmingham New Street train station). The scene is more relaxed than in London and yes its true the further north you go the friendlier the scene gets, so they we have heard. Unfortunately, Shropshire doesn't really have much of a gay scene as such.

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