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Our Opinion


For those who want pure natural landscapes, country houses and real heritage, Staffordshire provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.




Located in the heartland of Britain and easily accessible from all regions.

Staffordshire is a fascinating County, combining natural beauty
with tradition of world-shaping industry. Staffordshire boasts beautiful gardens, theme parks, breathtaking views and superb architecture combined with spectacular landscapes and the most fascinating traditions that make Staffordshire a county you will never forget. With more than a hundred different places to visit, your only problem would be knowing where to begin.


Featured Venues

At Pink Weddings we are working closely with a number of venues in introducing the concept of same sex ceremonies, celebration parties and dinners. We will find the right venue that suits your requirement

Browse our new National Trust page and see if there is a suitable venue near you for your ceremony and celebration, more

Gay Scene


We know there is one so If you can find one - let us know and we'll send you something bubbly!

We have found a limited number of gay clubs, The Club, The Three Turns, The Queen & Crumpet, all located in North Staffordshire.

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