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At Pink Weddings we aim to offer our couples choice when it comes to their big day, with the introduction of Toronto and gay marriages with our partners across the water, we are sure the romance, style and charm of this great city will make your dreams come true.

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Whether you are a resident of this great city, or a tourist discovering it, Toronto has so much to offer. Home to nearly 4.2 million people, Toronto is Canada 's largest city, and the 5th largest city in North America . It is a waterfront city on the Northern shore of Lake Ontario, which offers many fabulous attractions for residents and visitors alike.


Getting hitched in Toronto


The requirements for marriage in Ontario are the same for both same sex and heterosexual couples. This also applies to couples that reside in Ontario or tourists traveling abroad.

The Ontario government and Toronto City Hall require the following criteria for marriage, and it is as follows:

Couples must first apply for a marriage license in order to be married in Ontario . Marriage licenses can be obtained through any municipal office in Ontario for a fee of $130 and is payable by cash, money order, certified cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Debit.

The marriage application form must be completed and signed by both parties, and submitted in person by one of the two parties to any municipal office in Ontario . Upon submission of the marriage application, government issued photo identification along with a valid passport or original birth certificate must be presented for both parties.

Marriage licenses are valid anywhere in Ontario for up to 3 months.

It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for a ceremony of their choice, independently or through Pink Weddings.

Please note that all couples under the ages of 16 and 17 who wish to be married in Ontario require parental consent.


Gay Scene


Toronto has the largest gay community in Canada in which its inhabitants feel secure, comfortable and at ease to live their lives with freedom from the anxieties of society. The Toronto scene has been compared with that of the gay scene of Manchester , England , for it's warmth, for the community, and for the overall acceptance of the gay lifestyle throughout the city.

There are two main areas in Toronto that are considered to be the gay scene: the traditional area named The Gay Village and the newer area named The Queer West Village . The Gay village is located at Church and Wellesley, where many of the people living there have moved out over the last few years into The Queer West Village located between Bloor Street and King Street, and Roncesvalles Avenue and Spadina Avenue .

The Queer West Village , generally populated by a new, young generation of gays and lesbians, is a less overtly gay area in which it is a cheaper place to party, shop and play. The Gay Village is a more openly gay community.

Both The Gay Village and The Queer West Village have a vast array of bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and gay oriented shops and services that supply the community, and also welcome gay and lesbian visitors from around the world..


Why Toronto ?


Toronto is a clean and safe city with residents who are friendly and welcoming to all of their guests. It has a vast array of exciting attractions, whether you enjoy world-class entertainment or pure family fun. With some of the best theatres, comparable only to London and New York , the delicious cuisine, the shopping, the museums and galleries and the thousands of other exciting attractions including the special events and theme parks, Toronto really does have it all.

Toronto is a unique city, known for its diverse multiculturalism, which is formed from over 100 different cultures. It is a very rich environment to be part of, as the authenticity of each culture is so great, that many people adopt it into their daily lives. The atmosphere and lifestyle of Toronto makes for a wonderfully accepting place for its people and visitors from all over the world.


Bliss Events


We, at Bliss Wedding and Event Design, are very excited to be affiliated with Pink Weddings UK in offering same sex couples the luxury and convenience of Toronto 's world class wedding venues and services. For those who wish to have their love and commitment legally bound in beautiful, progressive Canada , there is no greater place than our welcoming and cosmopolitan city.

With over 5 years of Wedding and Event Planning experience, Bliss has had the pleasure of assisting numerous same sex couples realize their dream of becoming legally wed, two of which that can be seen on “Exchanging Vows”, featured on the UK's, Zone Vision's Reality TV channel.”

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